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Welcome to FAVER

Store and organize trusted peer-to-peer recommendations in one place.


Send and receive recommendations from the people you trust the most, for anything: secret surf spots, favorite restaurants downtown, travel experiences, best camping sites or even a new pair of sneakers.


Automatically store your recommendations in bucket lists so you don't forget. No more trying to keep track of them in your notes, docs or screenshots.


Find curated lists of recommendations from your trusted network.

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

The world's first mobile app, dedicated to word-of-mouth recommendations.

Interest Groups

FAVER categorizes your trusted individuals into groups related to your interests. Enabling you to Ask for a Faver, or recommendation, for anything.

Personalized Interests

Tell FAVER what you are interested in, and the people you trust to recommend things based on those interests.

Create Bucket Lists

Store and categorize your FAVER recommendations for future bucket lists.

Step 1: Curate Your Interests

Tell FAVER what you're interested in and the people you trust to recommend things based on those interests. FAVER then categorizes those trusted individuals into clubs related to each interest and enables you to request a FAVER from your club.

  • “FAVER” or recommend your favorite spots, products & activities
  • Follow your friend’s FAVERs and re-share
  • Get expert insights directly from the people you trust
  • Never make a poor purchase decision again

Step 2: Build your bucket lists

Store and organize your recommendations into a categorized bucket list for future reference. Ready for your next book or looking to plan your next 10 vacations? Build up your bucket lists so they're ready for you when you are. No more flipping through shows trying to decide what to watch. Just pull up your FAVER bucket list of stored shows curated from those trusted recommendations.

  • Travel destinations
  • Movies and shows
  • Music and artists
  • Restaurants
  • Activities and venues
  • Gifts and products
  • And so much more!
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